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For Investors & Companies

If you are looking for an innovation for your company, or even particularly interested in solving a problem in the process,or interested in crowdsourcing,  please contact us. You can also announce challenges and competitions so that you get what you want through several hundred innovators. Even a student might solve your problem and hence your investment is not high.

If you want to invest your money in a technology, please do make a thorough study on offers or get help from our technical team in evaluating. Though India based and we work for the development of technology in India, our experts and innovators come from all around the world.

For Innovators

Whether your ideas are crude or you have a pre-proof of concept or you own a prototype, even a developed technology, this is the place to look for help. Please contact us so that we can send you a couple of forms stepwise to assess the level of development and the type of help you require from us.

For students, special fees or even fee concessions are available. Write to us with confidence, as we will never use your ideas or sell your concepts or technologies without your consent. All dealings with us are made only after you enter into an agreement. For priliminery write up, please do not disclose your inventions but only state what your technology or idea can do, who are the beneficiaries and how it is different from the existing ones available in the market.Include an idea on cost and your expectations.